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Standby Generator It’s uses

Generators produce and supply your facility with electricity without the benefit of current from the city’s power grid. Generators can supply large amounts of electricity; However, like every other piece of machinery, they are also at risk of damage and require some regular maintenance. Although repair and maintenance of a generator can be a burden, this case is still required when you use it for self and emergency power generation.

Generators are complex systems, made up of various different parts. If an error occurs, you need a licensed and repaired generator to repair your generator.

The standby generator provides power when the utility distribution system is unable to provide a power supply. Brakes caused by storms or equipment failure are the most common for power cut-offs.

For Residences uses: 

The trouble of power cut-off can be avoided by purchasing a standby generator. Electricity, lighting to function properly, electronic entertainment equipment, home appliances, security systems are required.

Homes and small area require only a small amount of backup power. These generators can usually be purchased at a low cost. Apparently larger residences (> 7,000 sq ft) may require slightly more power, which would increase costs unimportantly, but still highly affordable considering the benefits of their own power supply.

For Businesses purposes:

A standby generator helps you to run your operation without interruption. Few things to keep in your mind before taking a generator.

First of all, you should determine how much money your business generates on a daily basis. Consider only the revenue that is strictly dependent on the power supply (ie phone, computer, process equipment, etc.).

Next, you should also consider the costs that are associated with the start-up or shut-down of a process or construction line. Costly startups and shutdowns can prove to be very costly due to a power outage.

Finally, combine all these costs and take your decision. Dividing the cost of a generator by these potential losses will determine how many years it will take for the generator to essentially pay for itself.

Cost should not be the only factor in purchasing electric power Generators. Another advantage of having a local backup power supply is that it provides a continuous power supply to your business.

Few things to know about standby generators: 

Automatic Operations:

A standby generator system is permanently installed. A standby generator automatically turns on when the power goes out and a standby generator automatically turns off.

The generator system immediately detects a power outage and waits a few seconds for the power to return. If it does not, it starts the generator engine. The automatic switch disconnects the building from utility lines and connects it to the generator supply. All this happens only seconds after the power goes out.

When the utility power comes, the system reconnects the utility lines and turns off the generator.

Essential Power:

Today, we have become dependent on electric power at home and work.

Refrigerators and freezers to keep food safe, and furnaces and air conditioners to keep a house cool in summer and warm in winter.

With the use of a standby generator, stores and restaurants can keep doors open, while office buildings keep lights and computers. Many phone systems require a source of electricity that is supplied by the telephone utility.

Additional generators for emergency electricity keep our homes safe and our businesses unaffected.


All engines require proper time to time maintenance. The standby generator can run for days or a month or more. It is important to maintain the generator according to the maintenance schedule. Standby generators units require service once a week. Maintenance includes replacing oil and oil filters, replacing spark plugs and replacing air filters. 

It is also important for smooth uninterrupted operation, keeping generators clean of wind blowing debris or snow and ice. The vents on the generator provide airflow to keep it cool and supply the engine. Keep maintaining your generator for proper use. 


You can find here the information about standby generator, Its uses, and features. Would you prefer to require extra details relating to our New Generator and Used Generators? Contact us. Our team at EO energy looks forward to hearing from you.

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