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Come On, Party Your Bets

PartyBets is the newest member of the PartyGaming family and the fastest growing bookmaker on the internet. They offer a wide variety of betting opportunities across an international selection of sports.

This is a major website, made by the makers of the famous PartyGaming.com, the design here is very flashy with lots of smart sport pics and punchy promos. It could be one of the new leaders in the canlı bahis field. The only criticism is that is slightly over-focused on soccer.

The simple box design and use of images is a great way to get around the site, although you can get a little distracted and ‘click crazy’ with this site and forget why you came here in the first place – to make money!

The Sports Stats link is a tiny link at the bottom of the page but it opens to a world of numbers. They seem to offer the latest results on all sports, the problem being that it is all on the same page at first and you have no idea what sport it refers to unless you separate it all by using the drop-down menu tool or look closely at the tiny icon.

PartyBets gets top points when it comes to toll-free numbers, it has a drop-down menu with around 50 countries listed. There are three support email addresses and it requests that all enquiries are in English only.

On the surface, PartyBets looks like an ordinary site, but dig deep and spend some time here and you’ll see that this is a unique sportsbook or bookmaker. The site offers news and links to its affiliate sites; live betting and overall is a much friendlier betting site than most.Users feel comfortable here, but this is something fresh for the industry.

$$$ Rewards:
Located in Gibraltar and already with the backing of PartyPoker and PartyCasino behind it, this site has huge payouts. Relatively small bets can get big returns.

Secure Payments:
Jazz Sports have a variety of methods for you to fund your account. The minimum deposit is $50. (Unless otherwise specified). An account funded with a Credit Card deposit requires a completed Credit Card Authorization Form (available when you log in, to the ‘CASHIER’ section).

On the side bar, it lists all kinds of Sports, starting with American Football and ending with Winter Sports in alphabetical order. There’s a lot of choice here on all lines.

Multimedia Options:
Online Sports betting, live scores and they even have something called ‘Right Now’. This is a very current and up-to-date site. There’s lots of sports picture, most lead to related betting lines.

Huge on the international market, PartyBets has a strict over-18 responsible gaming policy, but nevertheless, it has a massive worldwide audience. Why not join the party?


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